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Family Resources
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Marijuana and the Developing Brain – Video and Family Activity
How Cannabis Affects Your Developing Brain

Part eight of the Ask, Listen, Learn underage drinking prevention program addresses the effects of cannabis on the developing brain. It is important for kids to have the knowledge and tools they need to say “NO” to an array of risky behaviors.

When it Comes to Teens: What You Need to Know about Cannabis

When it Comes to Teens: What You Need to Know about Cannabis

Grade Level: Grades 5-7
1-2 Hours

Marijuana is one of the most controversial recreational substances. While federal and state governments wrestle with how and whether to legalize its use, data suggests that marijuana use among teens comes with lasting consequences. Discuss marijuana with your kids and work with your family to open the lines of communication.

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Digital Exploration and Family Activity
Ask, Listen, Learn: Alcohol and the Developing Brain Digital Exploration

Ask, Listen, Learn: Alcohol and the Developing Brain Digital Exploration

15-20 minutes

In this interactive module, students will learn about the effects of alcohol on the developing brain and use this information to help them (and their friends!) make informed and responsible decisions when confronted with peer pressure to drink alcohol underage.

Begin Self-Paced Module

Refusal Role Play

Refusal Role Play

Grade Level: Grades 5-7

Students react to scenarios related to underage drinking with a refusal strategy, an acceptance of a positive alternative, or a strategy to keep friends from making unhealthy choices.

The Science Behind the Effects of Alcohol on Your Brain

Learn how underage drinking impacts the development of different parts of the brain. Swimmer Nathan Adrian will dive in to investigate the effects on memory, motor skills and physical coordination.

Healthy Decisions for the Whole Body

Do your students know that underage drinking impacts both their developing brains and their bodies? In this video, Nathan Adrian discusses how alcohol affects the body and gives scientific examples to help students become better informed decision-makers. 

Informed Students Make Better, Healthier Decisions

Drinking underage affects judgment and the ability to make sound decisions. In this video, Nathan Adrian discusses the critical ways kids can stand up to peer pressure and live a healthy lifestyle.

Family Resource

Put Your Parenting Style into Action

Grade Level: 5–7
15-30 minutes

Learn how your parenting style is key in preventing underage drinking.

Parents are the Leading Influence


Since 2003, conversations about alcohol between adults and kids have increased by 73%. During this time, underage drinking has declined 50%. Keep up the good work by starting a conversation around peer pressure with your kids using this the 10 Ways to Say "No" Infographic!

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